Thursday, October 3, 2019


Krish's Photography & Information

Location :- Ritigala monastery
Camera  :- Canon 6D
Date       :- 3rd July 2018


Ritigala is a monastery can reach in two ways. One from Dambulla – Anuradhapura main road. Other one from Dambulla – Trincomalee road turn off from Habarana. From habarana about 17Km to the entrance and the ticketing office. 

Ritigala mountain in north central about 770 meters above the sea-level. This is the breaking point of kalueba ela and malwatu oya feeding naachchiduwa lake. Kalueba ela feeding Huruluwewa. The peak of the mountain have many flora which is very rare. Also it has many types of orchids as well. So, Ritigala mountain declared as a highly strict natural reserve to maintain the untouched environment. 

The history of here is running back to reign of King Pandukabhaya in 4th Century BC. It has about 70 rock caves which was using since the 1st century BC. During king pandukabhaya’s reign this monastery were named as “Ariththa Pabbatha”. This was a sanctuary for the kings who fight against Indian Tamils in 2nd century BC king Dutugamunu and again in 7th century for king jetthathissa. The rock inscription found in ritigala indicates, from early days of Buddhism monks were living in natural caves or rock shelters. So this could be the beginning. According to the history, this monastery was found by king Lanjithissa. He dedicated this as a reservoir to the monastery. It comes as a perfect place for monks who practice seriousness.

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Friday, September 27, 2019

Polonnaruwa Kingdom - Sri Lanka

Krish's Photography & Information

Location :- Kandy
Camera  :- Canon 6D
Date       :- 6th September 2018


Polonnaruwa the second kingdom of Sri Lanka. Located 7 miles to the north east from where Mahaveli river and Aban river connected together. Polonnaruwa was chosen as the capital for the first time by Indian invaders name Soli about 985 AD. But this has been use as a sub capital by the kings in Anuradhapura. The main reason for that is polonnaruwa has proper areas for farming and it’s very rich with natural water resources. In this reason polonnaruwa have many lakes made by several kings name Mahasen, Vasaba, Uptissa, Agbo ii. 

Around in 10th century kings in Anuradhapura have paid their more attention about Polonnaruwa as a well safe place. In 11th century king Vijayabahu rescue polonnaruwa from Indian invaders and he also chooses this city as the kingdom due to the economic and political reasons. Then he renovated most of destroyed temples and monasteries by the Indian invaders. 

Polonnaruwa has completely developed and make as a kingdom full of everything by the king Parakkramabahu. Also he didn’t forget to develop and rebuild the temples and monasteries same as king Nissanka Malla also did his best to protect the country and religion. But after him, the other kings wasn’t power enough to protect the country and continue the economic and political situation in safe. Everything collapsed. 

Indian invaders invade the country again and destroyed the whole city and the kingdom. After the kingdom changed to the north east of the country. After that this city was gone wild. Nobody was in there until the British colonial period. They have started conservation projects to protect and conserve those historical sites. 

Places can visit in Polonnaruwa

Museum of Polonnaruwa
Many antiques and ruins found during the excavations done in Polonnaruwa kingdom are in here. Most of these antiques belongs to 12th century A.D. and all others are 9th, 10th and 11th centuries. 

Dvipa uyana
This park was built by greater king Parakramabahu during his kingdom period. It faced out as an island attached to the Parakrama Samudra reservoir. Later in king nissankamalla’s period he used this as his palace. 

Council chamber of king Nissankamalla
This is the most attractive erection in the island garden built by king nissankamalla. One of most beautiful building must see in there which has so may beautiful carvings on wooden beams in the past which supported the roof.

Pothgul Viharaya
At the first time anybody see this statue can realize it is a replica of a greater person. It’s bearing signs of intelligence, activeness and good organizing power. But the statue no ornaments to be seen traditionally worn by the kings. With the dresses and style of the statue can realize this can be a sage. Hence there are few things can compare to prove this is not a statue of a king

Palace of King Parakramabahu
King parakrama bahu build this palace complex accompanying fully equipped 1000 buildings and the chief palace consisting seven storeys. According to the history the palace of King Vjayabahu was burnt in a revolt by his hired foreign army. According to the information’s in the past this palace should have been within this area. But cannot find yet. Maybe king parakramabahu build his palace in the same place by removing previous one. The ground floor and second floor was built by burned bricks and rest 5 floors built by timber. during Indian invaders invasion this palace were burned by them easily in the reason of making it by timber. 

Royal tooth relic palace built by king parakramabahu. A stupa in the middle and four Buddha statues around it. A wonderful palace covered by a roof hold on granite pillars. Guard stone and the moonstone in front of this are also a wonderful carvings which brings a good meaning to a person who entering to this premises. 

One of a beautiful Buddha statues carved on a one giant granite rock. Built during king parakramabahu period. First meditation statue which is called Samadhi, then vidyadhara cave statue and Parinirwana statue symbolize Buddha’s passing away. Since king nissankamalla needs to do something for this creation, he has built the standing Buddha statue in between cave and end recumbent statue. 

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